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Sonett Intro

Sonett - Ecologically Conscientious

Organic soaps and detergents protecting natural water resources, the essence of life.

Sonett Laundry Detergents are gentle on nature and natural water resources. Conventional laundry detergents and cleaning agents contain petrochemical substances that often are difficult to biodegrade or may not be biodegradable at all, thus becoming concentrated in water. Sonett Laundry Detergents contain no petrochemical raw materials.


Sonett Laundry Detergents help people with allergies. Ingredients alien to nature and humans attack the skin thus causing allergic reactions. Almost all of the enzymes, hitherto used in laundry detergents, for years have been obtained from GMOs. Sonett Laundry Detergents are free of enzymes, genetic engineering as well as synthesized fragrances and dyestuffs.


Sonett Laundry Detergents support agriculture which uses no monocultures, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Many laundry detergents contain raw materials that are industrially cultivated in large monocultures using enormous amounts of chemical agents, thus polluting the soil, the air and the water. Sonett Laundry Detergents contain vegetable soaps that are exclusively manufactured using oils obtained from certified organic cultivation.


Sonett – certified organic quality

Certified Natural Detergents available in Singapore

(Nature Care Product) certifies:


• The use of organically grown raw materials

• Containing no enzymes of GMO

• Optimum biodegradability

• Recyclable packaging

• Controlled by EcoControl Germany

Certified Natural & Organic Detergents available in Singapore


(Natural Cosmetics Standard) certifies:


• The use of organically grown raw materials

• No GMO

• No microplastics

• No parabens, silicones and phtalates

• Environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging

• Controlled by EcoControl Germany

Soaps & Detergents suitable for Vegan in Singapore

Vegan Society 

The Vegan Society Label certifies:


  • No animal ingredients are contained Sonett does not carry out any animal experiments nor does the company give respective orders to do so.

  • All of our Sonett products carry the Vegan Society Label, with the exception of Sonett Wool Care, Sonett Gall Soap - bar and liquid - as well as Sonett Floor Mopping Fluid and Sonett BioBubbles which contain animal ingredients.

Eco friendly products in Singapore

The CSE Label stands for:


• Certified sustainable business management of the Association for Applied Business Ethics

• CSE = Certified Sustainable Economics

• Contrary to pure product certification, this label comprises the entire company. In addition to ecological product requirements, the company’s social and ethical orientations are certified.

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