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  • What is your shipping policy?
    Within Singapore - There is Free Shipping available for all orders within mainland Singapore (Residential Addresses only) that is over $25.00 . Otherwise the shipping cost is a standard $3.00. International Shipping - Not available, except Interested Buyers from Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia please contact us for more information.
  • Can the Laundry liquids/Laundry powders be used in a Top or Front Loader?
    Yes they can both be used on Top and Front Loaders.
  • Are there any laundry liquids/powders that are suitable to use in cold water?
    The liquids are suitable for cold water. Although 30 degrees and above is recommended. The Powder is recommended for use at 40 degrees and above.
  • How long does Sonett detergent & cleaning product last?
    All Sonett detergents and cleaning products have a shelf life of more than 36 months, so no best-before date is required. Each product bears a batch date, whereby the date of manufacture is evident: E.g. manufactured on 15.04.2021, first batch = 21041501. Personal care products, such as our liquid hand soaps, are subject to the Cosmetics Regulation and carry a best before date in addition to the batch name: Disinfectants: 4 years Hand soaps: 3 years Curd soap: 3 years
  • Do you offer discounts on large volume purchases?
    If you're interested to purchase a lot in bulk at once, you can reach out to us for discounts on orders over $1500.
  • Purchasing Items as a Reseller/Retailer
    We can offer wholesale prices. Please contact us for more details.
  • Do you do collaborations?
    We are constantly looking for customers with social media accounts that could give us shout-outs regularly, it may boosts our spirits tremendously! We are happy to offer gift card(s) / voucher(s) each month on Instagram for tags and mentions. Just tag your actual photo, and then hashtag (#sonettsg) us in your text, for your entry to automatically count. When it comes to social media, if you feel moved to share, it's great. If you'd like to keep the moment for yourself, we are big supporters of that too.
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